Our Trustees

John Davies - Chairman

Trustee    since    2012.    John    has    lived    in    Royston    for    45    years    and    before    retiring   was   a   director   of   a   civil   engineering   company   and   was   a   trustee   of Royston   Volunteer   Centre   from   2013   to   2017.     He   was   an   active   member   of Royston Hospital Action Group (RHAG)

Dr. John Hedges - Treasurer

Trustee    since    1990,    John    is    a    General    Practitioner    who    pursued    parallel careers   in   his   military   and   civilian   lives,   commanding   254   (City   of   Cambridge) Field   Ambulance   (Volunteers)   1988   –   1991   and   partner   in   the   Royston   Health Centre Practice from 1979 to 2017. He   now   keeps   his   medical   interests   alive,   providing   shifts   at   Addenbrookes Hospital   Urgent   Treatment   Centre,   whilst   managing   a   small   flock   of   pedigree rare    breed    sheep,    who    conservation    graze    on    Shepreth    L-Moor    nature reserve in the summer.

Catherine Stanlick - Secretary

Joined as trustee in 2022. Catherine has lived in Royston since 2014. She   is   now   retired   but   workied   as   a   Financial   Controller   in   the   Prpoerty Develeopment   and   Shipping   industries.   She   has   been   treasurer   of   a   local orchestra and trustee of several musical charities.

Jenny Routledge

A    trustee    since    1970    when    the    present    organisation    was    known    as    The League of Friends of Royston and District Hospital. She   was   the   Secretary   for   36   years   during   which   time   a   long   campaign   was fought     to   maintain   the     maternity   unit   followed   by   another     campaign   20 years   later   to   save   the   Hospital   from   closure   with   the   formation   of   RHAG (Royston Hospital Action Group).

Peter Homent

A   trustee   since   2000,   Peter   is   a   chartered   Accountant   and   ex   senior   partner of   Hardcastle   Burton.   Peter   was   born   in   Royston   and   has   lived   in   the   locality throughout his life. He is involved in several other local organisations.

Carol Read

Carol   is   a   retired   teacher   who   taught   at   Meridian   School   for   45   years   and lives   in   Royston.   She   is   a   safeguarding   trainer   and   Chairman   of   William   Lees Charity Royston. She   is   Vice   Chairman   and   volunteer   of   the   Stand-By-Me   bereavement   charity supporting bereaved children and families in North Herts.

Michael Shannon

Michael    has    lived    in    Royston    all    his    life;    he    was    a    Director    of    several companies   and   is   now   retired.     He   has   served   on   the   Hospital   Committee   for over   30   years   and   is   Involved   in   numerous   organisations   within   the   Town   of Royston

Martin Lewis

Lives   in   Royston,   owning   and   operating   a   number   of   successful   companies. He sits on a number of medical boards.

Neil Guttridge

Neil   moved   to   Royston   in   1979     and   quickly   became   involved   in   local   affairs.   He   worked   for   Curwens   Solicitors   for   20   years   and   over   the   years   has   been involved    in    numerous    local    organisations    and    activities    such    as    The Community   Centre,   the   Museum,   Royston   Town   Council,   The   Parish   Church, Rotary   Club,   volunteering   for   the   NHS,   and   Therfield   Heath   Conservators.   He has a wide range of local experience.

Vivienne Tadman

Vivienne   was   born   in   Royston   hospital   as   were   her   mother   and   her   children.   She   has   a   strong   connection   with   the   town,   having   lived   here   most   of   her life. Her career was working in woman's magazines in London. Music   is   Vivienne’s   main   pastime   including   singing   in   choirs   and   hand-bell ringing.       She    is    interested    in    healthcare    and    has    been    involved    with    a number of organisations in the town.