Health Aid Royston Chairman’s Report 2021/2022
During   the   past   year   Trustees   have   taken   stock   of   where   the   Charity   is   placed in   the   eyes   of   the   community   and   those   we   wish   to   help   and   determined   that we   need   to   be   more   visible   and   embrace   rather   belatedly   some   modern means   of   communication.   We   also   recognised   that   without   the   Hospital   as   a focus   we   needed   a   name   that   described   what   we   do   and   the   name   HealthAid Royston    was    decided    upon.    We    recognise    that    we    need    to    attract    some younger   Trustees   to   continue   with   the   work   of   the   charity   as   most   of   us   are now   past   our   sell   by   date.If   and   when   our   Hospital   is   ever   put   to   proper   use in   the   future,   there   is   yet   another   re-organisation   of   our   Primary   Health   Care system    at    the    moment,    we    will    of    course    to    give    support    to    it.    In    the meantime,    however,    we    want    to    do    what    we    can    to    help    those    that    fall through the healthcare system cracks. I      am      pleased      to      advise      you      that      our      new      website      address      is            and            our            email            address            is     .   We   have   also   registered   with   the   North   Herts Community Lottery, you can purchase tickets through a link on our website. Our    recent    grants    have    included    the    supply    of    medication    for    the    air ambulance service. We have provided a defibrillator for St Mary’s School. As   feared   last   year   mental   health   issues   have   been   exacerbated   by   the   covid restrictions   and   we   have   had   a   number   of   applications   to   assist   with   funding for    various    forms    of    therapy.    We    have    provided    funding    for    Art    therapy sessions   for   children   at   Tannery   Drift   School,   counselling   and   play   therapy sessions    for    6    children    at    Bassingbourn    primary    school    and    early    years teaching    and    music    therapy    for    3    children    at    Meldreth    primary    school. Funding   has   also   been   provided   for   32   sessions   of   counselling   at   the   KJAR Wellbeing centre. We   have   part   funded   a   replacement   mobility   scooter   for   a   woman   with   a myriad   of   health   problems.   A   specially   adapted   tricycle   was   provided   for   a child with physical difficulties at Icknield Walk primary school. I   wish   to   thank   all   of   my   fellow   committee   members   for   their   support   during the    year.    I    would    like    to    say    a    special    thank    you    to    our    vice-    chair    and treasurer   John   Hedges   for   all   his   hard   work   and   to   Peter   Homent   who   has driven   the   creation   of   our   website   with   great   assistance   from   Tony   Briar. Thanks   to   Neil   Gutteridge   for   taking   on   the   role   of   minutes   secretary   whilst we    continue    to    seek    a    new    Trustee/Secretary    to    fill    the    shoes    of    Alice Hamilton. John Davies May 2022