Some of Our Successes
At    the    outset    of    the    covid    pandemic    we provided    emergency    funding    of    £25,000    to Homestart   to   enable   them   to   carry   on   their good     work     in     the     community.     We     have supported   Homestart   for   a   number   of   years with a total funding approaching £100,000.
We   provided   emergency   pandemic   funding   of £10,000    for    PPE    equipment    to    each    of    the local GP practices.
We     provided     part     funding     of     an     electric wheelchair   to   enable   a   disabled   woman   to   get out and about with her family.
We   provided   emergency   funding   to   Magpas Air   Ambulance   following   a   television   appeal for   PPE   funding.   We   have   granted   a   further £3,000   for   the   provision   of   essential   drugs   on the Air Ambulance..
An     eight-years     old     Melbourn     schoolgirl having    a    rare    genetic    condition    has    been provided    with    a    new    safe    and    inclusive playhouse.     You   can   see   the   full   report   here in   the   Royston   Crow   newspaper   by   clicking on their logo on the right.
Do You Need Our Help? Applications   for   assistance   need   to   be   endorsed   by   a   health   professional   or a child's school. Application and guidance can be downloaded here.