Who We Are We   are   a   registered   charity   managed   by   a   board   of   trustees   made   up   of residents local to the town of Royston, Herts, England. What We Do In   the   last   two   years   the   Charity   has   provided   over   £100,000     of   funding   in fulfilling   it's   objectives.     Awards   have   been   made   for   PPE   during   the   early days    of    Covid,    counselling    and    therapy    for    children    and    adults    with psychological    and    behavioural    issues    along    with    specialist    equipment    to improve   lives.   We   have   also   financially   supported   the   charity   Homestart   over a number of years. Our History The   charity   began   life   in   1967     as   The   Friends   of   Royston   &   District   Hospital and    its    objects    were    to    support    the    patients    of    the    hospital.    When    the hospital   closed   it's   wards   the   objects   were   changed   so   as   to   allow   us   to provide   benefits   to   local   residents   where   the   National   Health   Service   is   not fulfilling the need in question. Do You Need Our Help? Applications   for   assistance   need   to   be   endorsed   by   a   health   professional   or   a child's school. Application and guidance can be downloaded here.
Health Aid Royston