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There   are   four   full   Trustee   meetings   each   year,   there   is   also   a   sub   committee of   Trustees   who   consider   applications   for   grants   and   this   sub   committee   can approve grants up to a value of £5,000. It is usually processed by email. Grant   applications   above   £5,000   are   put   to   the   full   board   of   Trustees,   again the process is normally by email, so the time commitment is modest. We   are   also   looking   for   a   new   trustee   to   take   on   the   role   of   secretary   which will   involve   keeping   minutes   of   meetings   and   decisions   and   dealing   with   a small amount of ad-hoc correspondence. We   believe   our   organisation   provides   a   valuable   service   to   our   community and   should   you   share   our   view   and   wish   to   become   involved   we   would   be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at

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We Now Have a North Herts Community Lottery Page

Yes,   you   can   now   buy   lottery   tickets   for   just   £1   per   week   which   supports local   causes   and   you   can   win   prizes   up   to   £25,000.     Royston   Health   Aid     will receive    50%    of    all    tickets    sold    through    this    page    which    will    benefit    our causes, so don’t delay, click here .